This is a reblog of a wonderful article written by the great Will Buxton.  I just wanted to make a little comment of my own.

So, as you know I am a huge F1 fan. Unlike Will here, I didn’t discover F1 until far latter in my life. I can only go back and watch footage, read race reports and listen to interviews about what Ayrton Senna was like, or even Schumacher for that matter.

I really encourage you all to read this, F1 fan or not. Imola in 1994 was a tragic weekend, but it was a weekend that brought about the huge safety measures that we have in F1 today. Senna was F1’s last death. I hope it will always remain so.

A few years ago, to celebrate what would have been Senna’s 50th birthday, Top Gear put together a really amazing tribute.

While Lewis Hamilton may not be my favorite F1 driver, I can’t discount his talent.  This is a video of him driving Senna’s McLaren Mp4/4 and talking about what Senna meant to him.

The Buxton Blog

I never met Ayrton Senna. I never even saw him drive in the flesh. And so I’m afraid that this article will give you no amazing new insight into him as a person or as a racing driver on the 20th anniversary of his passing. But May 1st 1994 changed my life forever, and would come to influence every day of my life that followed.

In 1994 I was a 13 year old chorister at Worcester Cathedral. As such, Sundays were always busy; Eucharist in the morning, home for Sunday lunch, then back to the Cathedral for Evensong. I sung so many times and for so many years in that magnificent place of worship that, over 20 years later, it has all pretty much merged into one. Except for that one Mayday.

I remember leaving the house to go and sing Evensong, wondering whether my hero was alive or dead…

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